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So, after traveling through time at one second per second for the last year, I am now twenty four years of age – I had a quiet but enjoyable birthday – had dinner and much wine with friends at a wine bar here in Nashville.  Much joviality was had by all.

Irritations include the USPS losing track of my deposit for my apartment in Berkeley… they claim that they will call me tomorrow with news as to where they delivered the priority mail envelope, but I am distinctly unamused.

And now, with a decent amount of wine on board, with work in the morning and a cat who is happy to see me, I am off to bed.


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To start with, I fucking hate moving. Doing it in a city one already lives in sucks reasonably hard, but trying to find a place when you are n miles away (make n an integer greater than 2000 in this lovely case) sucks inflamed donkey arse.  Having a likely-great place on Craigslist vanish out from under me because the fucking landlord would not return my call chaps my ass.

It also does not help that the market I am moving to is much more expensive than the one I live in now – going to a real fucking city will do that for you.  Renting what I have now is almost certainly out of my price range – I will be lucky to wind up with rather less square footage for well over $1000/mo.  If I am lucky, I can find an inlaw or a cottage that rolls utilities into the rent, which will simplify matters and mitigate the pain, but I do not know how likely that is.

In all, arrgh!

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