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Exactly what it sounds like.  It is 1am, and I cannot sleep.  This displeases me.

The cat, strange animal that he is, popped on to the desk as soon as he heard the computer come out of sleep.  He can sleep 20 hours a day and spend the other four making cute noises at me (or playing with string, or killing fake mousies)… but I cannot.  I get to wrangle magnets and make my friends bored for the greater glory of science and the honor of the lab – at least, that’s what I tell myself.

Might be time to decamp back to bed, this time with said feline and see if fifteen pounds of furball work as a sleep aid – it often helps to have him somewhere on the bed, for reasons that are unknown to me.

If I had to bet, the insomnia is a consequence of coming home after a lovely (gack, cough, spit, splutter, gag) walk home from the lab in ~90º heat to find that I had no water.  Water has been a bit of an issue as of late – the Cumberland river (among others; but in Nashville the Cumberland is the one that matters) flooded rather drastically at the beginning of the month, taking out one of our two water treatment plants – so the city has been on varying forms of water restriction since then.  The fact that we get our tapwater from said river probably explains why the tapwater in this town tastes like a lovely mixture of sulfur and chlorine, which means that I filter it for any internal uses.  Yet another example of the fine urban planning Nashville is known for (feh – urban planning my arse, try intermittently-maintained underspecced stupidity incapable of supporting current demand – and I am not just talking about water – this entire city is not designed well at all [cough, green hills, cough]).  I have water now, although flushing the lines was an interesting (rather yellow-brown) experience.  Glad I did that tonight; seeing that in the morning would have constituted a rather nastier wakeup call than I usually prefer (I do use metal as a wakeup via the computer on occasion, but that is when I really need to be up at some utterly unholy hour).


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A good way to start the day: Excellent, strong espresso.

A suboptimal way to start the day: By finding cat vomit on the living room carpet.

Today? Both.

Now, for a day of meetings and trip planning.  I would really like some good news somewhere in there, but I would settle for merely uneventful (and fewer slush piles between my apartment and the lab – even with boots, they are lame).

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